Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Costco and Me: A Dangerous Relationship

Good gravy. I don't think I'll ever make it out of Costco for less than $350 again. Two giant boxes of diapers, a box of wipes, salmon, chicken, paper plates, bread, chips, fruit, milk, eggs and few other odd things...

The funniest part was loading up the van. All four kids were packed in there and then all of the boxes and jars were jammed in around them. All the frozen foods were up in the front passenger seat, the diapers were shoved in the floor space under the carseats, the box of wipes sat precariously between the two older kids in the back. The rest was creatively stacked in the the "cargo area" of the van. (Anyone with a Kia Sedona can tell you that the "cargo area" is a joke.)

We did manage to entertain the elderly shopping today... until Wonder Boy decided to get mad at his brothers for touching the cart.

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