Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Really Do Mean What I Say

I have said about 457,928 times since last August: Do not run on the porch when it's wet because you'll slip and hit your head.

Wonder Boy really needs to learn to listen.

It's raining - and in Arizona that calls for the family to stand on the porch and make silly comments like "look! it's raining" or "are we going to float away?" or "is the street really supposed to look that wet?" So there we were. And Wonder Boy was full of wonder. No sooner had I said we should head in and he took off like a shot...

It was like a scene out of a movie... in slow motion, but you know it's more like "bullet time." His feet flew out in front of him, he hit the ground with his bottom and slid forward, and his head made that awful *thud*ing sound. We actually picked him up and got him inside before the first wail... though I think he did create something of a vacuum when he sucked in all that air.

Poor kid. He looks fine... but I wonder if he had any sense knocked into him?

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