Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Snow in July?

Wonder Boy was in the pantry as I was mixing pancake batter for dinner. I heard an odd noise. Care to venture a guess?

Let's just say that Malt-O-Meal sounds a bit like snow... and we all know the odds of snow in a Phoenix pantry in July is something of an impossibility. I had to vacuum the whole darned pantry for 15 minutes to get the cereal out of there. It still smells like chocolate. :)

My life is NEVER boring with this kid.

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Farm Wife said...

How old is Wonder Boy? He sounds a great deal like my B.B. who's nearly 3 (my third child, second son). And B.B. has the I do my own stunts T-shirt too. It's very appropriate. He's emptied an entire box of Kix in my pantry floor after he climbed up 4 shelves to get it. Ahh...boys!