Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some Mommy Time!

I got to get out today, thanks to my MIL, and get my hair cut and colored. It's super cute and unfrumpified. I've got to keep this up. I think 2 hours every 6 weeks isn't asking too much.

And now, it's back to my Regularly Scheduled Life. On today's lineup:

Dinner Menus
Picking up the Mail (our boxes were broken into last week, so it's time to pick up the pieces and find out if we have had our mail stolen)

Best of luck with your own day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How many times?

How many times can a toddler's shoes be washed before disintegrating?

How many times can a toddler be bathed before breakfast?

How many times will a toddler repeat himself to be sure he is understood?

How many times will a toddler strip naked in his crib and pee on his pillow, loveys and sheets?

How many times will a toddler ask for juice between breakfast and snack time?

How many times will a mom sigh, smile and/or groan when pondering these mysteries?

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sleep, Mommy, Sleep... A Lullaby

In honor of my eldest son's poetry studies of late, I present a haiku:


Sleep is much needed.
Longing for mushy pillows,
My eyes are closing.