Monday, July 23, 2007

The Long Term Effects of GERD

Let's just say that the words "Gag Reflex" are commonplace in our home now and I am able to control the average mess with only 3 paper towels.

Miss M is teething. She has 4 fabulous, little, razor-sharp teeth and is now of an age to experiment with biter biscuits. Enter Wonder Boy. He sees said biter biscuit and... takes a bite. The next thing I hear is "eh eh eh." That, by the way, is Wonder-ese for "Mommy, get this out of my mouth before I puke." I know the drill, so I grab a paper towel and instruct WB to spit the goo out of his mouth. While he does this, I am saying that he shouldn't take his sister's snacks and...


Oh yeah.

WB took his spitting a hair too far and puked everywhere, including MY feet. Ew. Ew. Ew.

So I grab a few more paper towels, strip WB down, wipe up the floor, wipe off my own feet, put WB on the clean mat by the stove, and proceed to mop the floor. Then it was off to the tub. Would you be impressed to know that all of this took place in the span of just 10 minutes?

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Farm Wife said...

I found you by way of Cafe Mom (you responded to a post of mine there).

I cannot deal with vomit myself...but have been able to tame my gag reflex when it comes to cleaning up after my kids & dogs. A giant toothy smile helps. It supresses the gag reflex!