Sunday, July 29, 2007

Home Improvement Safety Reminder

Just in case there was ANY question at all in your minds, I feel it my duty to remind you all that toddlers and power tools should never exist in the same dimension.

We are building shelves in our schoolroom. A friend has been gracious enough to do the brunt of the assembly for us and we are doing the staining and finish. However, the assembly has required the use of a router, a saw, and a pneumatic nail gun. I've had compressor hosing draped across my living room for half the weekend. Now, the tools have never been plugged in without our friend being right there to actually operate them... but the hosing has had to stay in place. Just after lunch yesterday, I found the Miss M at one end of the hosing... and WB at the other end! I am happy to say that I don't have any accidental "Run By Nailing" incidents to report. Our Fearless Leader and Friend had to run up to the hardware store two or three times - a task we've come to expect with any home project. (LOL, it's not a project unless it involves a great deal of sighing, a trip to Home Depot, and possibly some swearing.) But other than supply runs, a cut finger for our Friend, and a lot of sawdust, nothing too exciting or bloody happened.

I have to give WB a lot of credit. He was cooped up inside all day long because outside was just not safe with the saw & router. He was so cute running to open the door every time Our Fearless Leader and the Friend were carrying the 7-foot-long boards through. Then he'd run to the middle of the board and "help" carry it. He eyed the nail gun... but asked to leave the room once it was in use - praise the Lord that the darned thing is so loud! I am relieved, however, to have all the equipment gone and be left with the task of varnishing today.

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