Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No "Mom of the Year" Awards For Me

I blew it. More than usual.

The Set Up
Naptime is always a gamble these days. Wonder Boy displays awesome Feats of Wonder during naptime. You may recall the Ascension of The Great Bunk Bed last month. It's the one time of day that I put him down and try to keep him down since we both need a lot of rest by 12:30pm. Yesterday's nap was one of the most wonderful... in all the wrong ways.

I checked on him a couple of times because there didn't seem to be much resting going on. In fact, there was a lot of thumping around. But both times he was, indeed, in the playpen with his legs up in the air, kicking the wall. I chose to leave him be. Once the older boys were home from school, the oldest said he heard WB wandering about and would be happy to check on him. I said not to, thinking that if WB heard or spotted him, the gig would be up.

If only I had listened.

The Great Escape
I did finally go check on WB... and found him... in the oldest boy's room. He was next to a container filled with scrapbooking supplies; you know, things like stickers, scissors, a stylus... oh, yeah... really safe stuff for a toddler to play with unattended. When I walked into the room, WB looked at me and realized that he was, indeed, caught. So he proceeded to squeeze out big crocodile tears and give me a sob story about an owie as he pointed left and right in the room. Nevermind the fact that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was just fine because I had watched him playing in there for a full two minutes before he noticed me.

As if this weren't enough, the oldest showed me his Lego pirate boat had been disassembled during the The Great Escape. And his computer had been messed with. And his bedsheets strewn about. And something else had been done that escapes me just now (but didn't escape becoming an object of wonder for Wonder Boy).

To add insult to injury, this morning we discovered that the middle boy's things had also suffered similar demolition. His Pokemon cards had been strewn about the room. His rock collection was not just dumped on the floor, it was dissected with glee... even the card and box were ripped and unhinged. There was a pile of toys in the doorway to the closet that I'm sure weren't there before The Great Escape.

The Results
I am now the not so proud mother of an escaped con artist and two very unhappy older boys. If only I had listened.

Naptime today promises to be no better for his Puppy will not be sleeping with him. Wandering Wonder Boys don't get loveys, especially after destroying their brothers' things.

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