Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Must... Plan... Menus!

Good gravy, it's a wonder we ever eat. It's also a wonder I'm not a size 3. I have spent more time than you can imagine chasing after Wonder Boy.

We've toured the upstairs three times today. We've become well acquainted with the Time Out Wall. I learned that he does indeed understand a great deal more than we give him credit for. This was evidenced by the Bathroom Lock In. I know you must think that such events are strictly for the political protester... but I assure you, they are for toddlers as well. Apparently he does understand what that room is for, at least my nose tells me he does, but he seems to also think it's fine to run in there and lock the door. He also understands that when Mommy yells to unlock the door, she means "turn that lock right now, Mister."

All of that to say I really need to plan menus. Once again I looked up and realized it was 4:45pm and I had NOTHING going for dinner except lofty ideas. Lofty ideas make for binge eating after kids go to bed.

Tonight's fare will include Cottage Dill Bread, Baked Chicken, and Green Bean & Potato Smash. I actually got it all going in less than 20 minutes... but am now trying to entertain the End of the Day Baby and supervise outside play time. Whew! I need a snack. ;)

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