Friday, June 8, 2007

Estrogen Deprivation - It Gets Lonely

Being the sole producer of estrogen in a household can really take its toll on a woman.

Today on a favorite message board, the innocent question of how to burn a DVD was asked. Now, I'm not a computer savvy gal - this blog is about as techno-geek as I can get right now in my chronically sleep deprived state. But I saw this question and was immediately frightened of my internal monologue. It went something like this:

Q: How do I burn a DVD?

A: Um, douse it in lighter fluid and strike a match?

Memories of dumping salt on snails and lighting ants on fire with a magnifying glass came rushing back. Have I mentioned that I have no sisters? That may explain a lot.

I am afraid. Very afraid.

1 comment:

my4kidsma said...

Once again I feel your pain, boy how I feel your pain.

I loved burning slugs w/ salt! When I was a kid my mom had some syringes, complete w/ needles laying around. She also left us alone quite often...big mistake. One time we took the syringes, filled them with water & tried to inject these crazy flat green bugs that lived on our grapefruit tree.

Just think our baby girls will help even the hormonal score...thank God!!!