Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wonder Boy Meets Poison Control

It all started with the phone. I was on it. Mystery Baby was in her bouncy seat, bouncing away. Wonder Boy was busy in his cupboard (the one with all of the kiddie cups and bowls), and I was chatting while washing dishes. Mystery filled her pants and began to howl in indignation, so I dutifully dried my hands and went to pick her up. No sooner had I unbuckled her and Wonder Boy was suddenly shrieking in an unusual fashion.. I put the baby on the floor, ran into the kitchen and hung up on my friend - there stood Wonder Boy, with a Cascade dish packet in his hand and soap in his mouth.

After a thorough rinsing, a sippie cup of milk and a call to Poison Control, I am happy to say all was well. So lasting damage, not even a rash. You'd think by the fourth kid I would not have to call Poison Control... but no. I have their number on a giant yellow magnet on my freezer. Kid #2 taught me to keep that number handy... so I guess Wonder Boy comes by it honestly.

Yes, the soap is up high in the pantry now.

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