Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Musings on a Random Tuesday

I love the way babies laugh. Absolutely love it. Mystery Baby is now three months old and has the best laugh I've ever heard. It's a squealing belly laugh. It is so... GIRL! I am amazed that her laugh is so different than how my boys all laughed.


I've been watching too much television lately. (This happens when I have a new baby.) I am really liking the shows on TLC about large families (shows like By The Dozen). I truly wish we could be that kind of family... I do. But I've also been pondering the scripture (one of Paul's letters, I think) that speaks about being content in all things. Single, married, one kid, lotsa kids, no kids... it is impossible to be in the moment and truly present if we're always looking away at the situations of others. However much I might like to think about being a different kind of family, I have to really focus on the wonderful family that we are right now. And right now is all I really have. There are no guarantees about tomorrow and yesterday is already gone.


I haven't been FLYing much this past week. I have great intentions... but we all know the path to domestic hell is paved with them! So I'm back to baby steps again. I'm dressed to shoes (even though it's 6:30pm). I have a plan of what I'll wear tomorrow. I'm thinking on tomorrow's menu already. The kids are shining the sink... well... getting the dishes done. And, as Babe's owner would say, "that'll do, Pig."

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