Friday, January 5, 2007

To Boldly Go Where No Mom Has Gone Before!

(cue Trek music)

My 5 year mission: to explore strange, new antibiotic reactions; to seek out clean diapers and diaper changing techniques; to boldly go where no Mominator has gone before!

Ok. So I've been here before. Mystery Baby is exploring the possibilities of her super powers. Thus far, her super power appears to be superpooping. I'll spare you the details... but I will say that I need an industrial sized bucket to soak her outfits in now. Wonder Boy, though no longer on antibiotics, is running a close second in the development of superpooping powers. It's only lunchtime and he's already had one bath. We shall see what the afternoon brings.

I'm not FLYing so well today. I am dressed (but not til 11am!) to shoes and I do have my roast in the crock pot. My sink is piled with prep dishes and breakfast dishes... so that's first on the list of things to do while the kids sleep. Speaking of sleep... off to change more diapers and get them settled in.

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