Saturday, January 13, 2007

Someday I Will Look Back On This And Laugh

... right?

This has been a wild week. Is there any other kind of week with a family of Supers? Wonder Boy and Mystery Baby had me running in circles around the diaper pail, Mount Washmore has achieved new monumental heights, the yet-to-be-named older supers had their first week back at school after winter break, and our Fearless Leader brought home the bacon as usual.

Monday: Mominator has a panic attack upon entering the office. The Leaning Tower of Important, But Ignored Papers was in serious danger of crushing her. She announced to our Fearless Leader that she did indeed need to work that week. Our Fearless Leader called in Grandma to hold the fort downstairs so Mominator could scale down the Leaning Tower upstairs.

Tuesday: Wonder Boy has an uncomfortable day, unable to poop and with a horrid diaper rash. (On a serious note, it's not uncommon for kids with GERD to have a rough time in the pottying department. Our little guy goes back and forth from Nuclear Dipes to golfball Dark Matter within days.) After a quick conference, Mominator and Grandma decide that he needs to relax in the tub. Mystery Baby spent the day pretending to be a milk fountain, so she needed a quick scrub down as well. This is when the week fell apart.

There we were... WB in the tub, complete with bubbles and toys; MB on the floor, freshly wiped down, rediapered and awaiting jammies; the yet-to-be-named Supers were honing their Nintendo skills in the loft. Momintor wiped the sweat from her brow and suddenly heard WB howling in pain, grabbing his "equipment" and then it hit her - he had become a little too relaxed in the tub. She had heard stories of toddlers letting loose in the tub, but had never experienced it in her own tub... until today. Bathtime was over, WB was whisked out of the water, pajamaed and put to bed in 30 seconds flat. Mystery flailed on the floor, wondering where everyone was running. The yet-to-be-named had a small argument on the finer points of blowing up enemy somethings of some sort. Grandma began to laugh. Mominator scoured the tub and flushed the fruit of Wonder Boy's labor. And then... the toilet backed up. Mominator quickly turned off the water, called our Fearless Leader and located a plunger. (Until that moment, she didn't even realize that the Super Family even owned one!) After a quick lesson in plumbing from our Fearless Leader, Mominator rescued the Master Bathroom from the ravages of the Super Littles' bedtime routine. Luckily, Grandma never passed out from laughing... a true miracle.

Wednesday: More work on the Leaning Tower, a phone call to the health insurance company over conflicting coverage of her wacked out thyroid , and a call to the lab to recover a double payment that could cover three months worth of utility bills (cough).

Thursday: More of the same.

Friday: A break from the paper chase. Lots of train track construction. Thomas the Tank Engine experiences multiple deaths and massive destruction - Wonder Boy has a blast. Mominator and our Fearless Leader attend the annual office party and a new babysitter is broken in. She actually said she'd love to babysit again... Mominator did a happy dance.

Saturday: Mystery Baby wears no fewer than three outfits due to infant plumbing issues. Mominator concludes that the blue soak bucket on the kitchen counter is likely a permanent fixture for the next 9 months. She considers buying a new bucket that is color coordinated with her kitchen. The Super Family attends a Welcome Home luncheon for our Fearless Leader's best high school chum, who has just returned from a 16 month tour in Iraq - many tears were shed and all were thankful for his safe return.

What does Sunday hold? Another adventure, I'm sure.

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