Sunday, December 17, 2006

Explosive Toddlers - (It's not what you think)

TMI Warning: Do NOT eat while reading!!!


Wonder Boy is on his 3rd round of antibiotics in just 6 weeks. As I posted before, we have a plague of Biblical proportions sweeping through our home. Wonder Boy has a lingering ear infection and upper respiratory yuckiness... so his ped put him on Augmentin.

Now, I don't know if you read much, but my reading has been mainly medical in nature these days. for a little light reading before bed, I read the prescription labels & info sheets. I am now fairly well-informed about the potential side effects of many antibiotics as well as those of Prevacid (which Wonder Boy also takes for GERD). You'd think I would take the warnings to heart.

On Friday, Wonder Boy had a wonder-diaper! It was n.a.s.t.y. Luckily, I was at a friend's house and was able to give WB a bath and throw his clothes in plastic bags. I had forgotten that I left a pair of pajamas in the diaper bag, so at least he had something to wear. Then I seriously debated whether or not I like the clothes enough to launder them. In the end (so to speak), I did launder them, but only because I was sure I would not be granted a Toxic Waste Dumping Permit for said clothing. That evening I informed our Fearless Leader about our latest adventure in diapering - I waited til he was done eating, too.

On Saturday, the family headed out to visit the great grandmother's Christamas party. We haven't been out much since the plague descended upon us, so we jumped at the chance to see Santa, eat goodies, and listen to the older set's version of holiday tunes. We had a grand time. After a bit, I wandered off to feed Mystery Baby while the rest of the family waited to ride the horse drawn carriage. Suddenly our Fearless Leader's mother appeared and hurriedly snatched the diaper bag - and I noticed her pants were sporting a new lovely holiday green splatter pattern. Uh-oh. So I gather up Mystery Baby and head out to the van to see for myself thow this was going to play out. Turns out WB exploded just as the family sat down in the carriage. The older kids got to ride while our Fearless Leader and his mom left with WB. All three were covered in festive green poo. So, we all ended up in great grandmother's apartment for a quick shower and change for WB. That was the end of our evening. The older kids were denied a ride on the ferris wheel and were unable to deliver their litanies to Santa... but we made it home without further incident.

Today is young. Nothing spectacular has happened. And here I sit, waiting for the next diaper to explode.

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