Monday, September 24, 2007

The Joys of Dealing With Government Agencies

Augh! I had to order more birth certificates from Vital Records. I am supposed to send in an affidavit of intent to homeschool within 30 days of beginning homeschooling. I have to have certified copies of the birth certificates to do that. Ok. Fine. I downloaded the request form at the Vital Records website, wrote my check and sent it off at the beginning of September.

Today I get my forms and my check BACK with a letter that says as of September of 2004 they no longer accept personal checks as payment, BUT IT CLEARLY STATES ON THE FORM *ITSELF* THAT PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTABLE! Augh!!!! So NOW I have to send in my debit card info because some idiots in a government agency don't give a rat's fuzzy rump about the accuracy of their own stupid forms. And I'm upset because I will probably miss the deadline for registering the affidavits (which is probably not a big deal, and I am keeping copies of all correspondence to back me up). I am also irritated beyond measure because I have tried to call the office twice to speak with a customer service rep - when I select the "speak to a representative" option on the voice system IT HANGS UP ON ME. Every. Single. Time.

To say that I am unimpressed by my state's government today is an understatement.


Queen Mother said...

Our son lost his wallet. The drivers bureau wanted his social security card. The S.S. office wanted his drivers licence.

All they kept telling use was, "We have to have his licence and another form of ID" or
"We have to have his SS card and another form of ID.

The Mominator said...

Oh, now that is just ridiculous... and surprisingly unsurprising. ;)