Friday, September 14, 2007

Hampered Again

I really like those little fold-away hampers our Fearless Leader finds at the local dollar store. They twist open, they're light enough to tote up and down the stairs, they're inexpensive. Well, they're inexpensive IF you get more than one use out of them. How do I know this?

Wonder Boy has disemboweled the fifth hamper this year. For some reason that I am just incapable of grasping, the boy likes to work the wires out of the skeletal frame of these hampers. If he disappears on laundry day, I know that I have mere seconds to rescue a hamper from this fiend. And the kicker is that then I have to worry about a toddler with exposed wires. Think about this: Wonder Boy... Wire. Wonder Boy... W.I.R.E.!!!!!! Not good.

I should have known that I've been failing in my mission to teach him to use his super powers for good - last week he managed to separate his super-cape from the tie. I'm thinking there's a parallel here... stripping off the cape of all that is holy and good in this world and abandoning it for a life of crime. Apparently he' s begun his Reign of Terror by holding my hampers hostage.

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FarmWife said...

I guess it's a good thing my hampers are of the Rubbermaid variety.

B.B. has similar issuse with wrapping paper and the paper tube it comes on. If I've left it unprotected I will undoubtedly find all 20 yards of country snow men wrinkled across my bed room floor within seconds. Especially if it's a brand new roll. And I will find him hiding in a closet yelling through the tube or bashing his brother in the head with it.