Thursday, September 6, 2007

Form E-Letter For Homeschoolers

On a favorite homeschooling board I frequent, several moms were talking about incessant phone calls. Typically this is not something I deal much with... but it always helps to be prepared. I came up with a form letter/email. Feel free to plagarize:

Hi everyone!

Just a quick email to update everyone on all the goings on. Buttercup is doing well in cheer practice, Bufford is almost done reassembling Daddy-O's engine... just missing a few screws and found some extra bolts. Daddy-O did manage to lose 47 pounds from walking to and from work though. Junior's carrots are growing well and Miss Bessy found a new use for dry spaghetti.

Oh, before I forget: we decided to try a new schedule this year. Between the hours of 9am and 2pm we are implementing a strict no-phone, no-door policy. We ponied up for voice-mail though, so don't worry about us missing out.

Ciao for now and take care!
The Crazy Homeschooling Relatives (insert your name here)

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