Monday, August 27, 2007

A Simple Game of Fetch

While Wonder Boy is often the perpetrator center of odd behavior around here, this little tidbit revolves around our Young Man In Training and Miss M. Young Man is 12yo and, God bless his heart, plays with all the younger kids so well. He truly is a sweet boy... but he is a bit twisted. How could I say this?

He has taught the baby to play "fetch." Late last week he demonstrated her new developmental skill. He'd take a toy, show it to her, toss it across the room and tell her to fetch. AND SHE DID! She'd crawl as fast as her little hands and legs would go, grab the toy, sit down and show it to him, then crawl back with it. They did this over and over. I just about died.

My baby plays fetch and tag. She's a good little dog? :p

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FarmWife said...

Don't feel bad. BabyGirl's taught both of her brothers to play fetch at some point in their early crawling days. Gotta' love it!