Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Wonder-ful End to Wonder Boy's Day

We did finally get out the door to get on the road for Wonder Boy's Birthday Bash. No Wonder Moments preceeded the exodus to the van - just the usual packing-up chaos. The party itself was a hit.

There were a few Wonder Moments at the park: WB threw rocks at his cousin (we're not sure why); WB took off toward the playground once or twice, but actually stayed fairly close by; the Yet-To-Be-Permanently-Named 7yo managed to convince us all that he was lost; and WB tried to go and feed the ducks in the pond - alone. But all in all, it was a fabulous time.

The best present opening at a birthday party was witnessed by us all. Wonder Boy opened the gift from Uncle Firefighter and Aunt Magic Hands - it was an official firefighter t-shirt. Now... I know that there are kids who say they like receiving clothes, but three year olds don't tend to be among those ranks. Well, let me tell you... WB stripped off his shirt so fast and screamed with glee upon opening this present. He wore the t-shirt for the rest of his party (and to bed, lol). He also got a ball... which somehow ended up needing to be rescued by Uncle Firefighter. No ducks were harmed during the ball rescue... but Uncle Firefighter probably needs to burn the shorts that got wet in the pond.

I am thrilled beyond words to see my Wonder Boy has made it to three years old. After his rough start and all the Wonder Moments of the past several years, we have come to realize that it's always touch and go with this one. And I won't lie and say it made it to 3 unscathed - he is now sporting a limp and his ankle is an "owie."

Oh well. He's alive. And that's what matters.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Wonder Moments of the Day (so far)

Happy Birthday, Wonder Boy!

The day so far:

The morning started with a time out for pushing his sister's face into the carpet for no apparent reason. Later, WB followed me upstairs and ran into his napping sister's room. Napping sister ended up screaming for 15 minutes. Then he climbed up on my bed, but not before falling off the side several times. He grabbed a book by the pages and ran about with it. He refused to go down the stairs when asked. When we got back downstairs, it was only 10:00.

We went to the grocery store where he: knocked all the milk cartons in my cart over several times; he aimed for (but missed) the eggs; he poked holes in the paper plate packaging, ripped several "sale" signs off of the aisles; began to open a box of crackers; took multiple boxes and jars off of shelves or caused them to tumble to the floor; squished the dinner rolls meant for his party, then bit a hole in the packaging for said rolls; he discovered how well his shrieks would carry in the store and proceeded to let out a good one every 5 minutes or so just to be sure; he grabbed at the cake (but I managed to rescue it); and, decided not to carry the bins I was buying and nearly dropped them on me. Did I mention that he was restrained in the cart seat? BUT... the eggs made it home whole and I did actually manage to get 99% of what was on my list.

Once home, he was starving but didn't want to sit at the table. He wanted to play, but didn't want to go outside. My eldest son is out there now - teaching WB to RIDE A SCOOTER. I'm questioning the wisdom in allowing that.

It's only 1:37. Wanna bet more happens?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Blessing

When the Itinerant Papist Preacher came to our parish for the annual parish mission, Our Fearless Leader picked up a card with this blessing. I pass it on to you:

May Christ be...
in your going forth
in your coming back,
in your rising
in your lying down,
on your right hand
and on your left,
before you,
and behind you,
above you,
and beneath you.

May you find
the presence of Christ
in every person you encounter.

May you bring
the presence of Christ
to every person you meet.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MIA: Updates from the Trenches

Life has a tendency to run away with me.

My aunt and uncle have been in town staying with my parents. I hadn't seen them (the aunt and uncle, lol) in about 20 years or so. We've been over as much as possible these past few days. And I have to say, my kids make me proud.

Wonder Boy is sleeping in a Big Boy Bed! No more tent! Our Fearless Leader, brave man that he is, worked for 6 hours on Sunday to recover the Lost Boys' Room. He found the massive bunk beds, the bins for toys, and various stuffed animals. He decommissioned the tent and made the lower bunk fit for a Wonder.

Wonder Boy is also sleeping sans binky! It had become nothing less than a choking hazard and could have posed as a plastic puppet (the bulb was practically severed). I told him it broke, he said, "bwoke, bye bye bee." And that was it. Blessedly anticlimactic.

The oldest of the Super Children are plugging away at their school lessons... when we manage to work on them. Discipline has been sorely lacking in our home, mostly MY discipline. Our groove of 5 years of homeschooling was a bit more interrupted than I thought. It's taking more time to get up and running.

Mominator has gone strictly vegetarian again... but that's a post for another time.

The Urchins are awake and demanding breakfast. Wish us luck on this new day.