Friday, October 26, 2007

Wonder Moments of the Day (so far)

Happy Birthday, Wonder Boy!

The day so far:

The morning started with a time out for pushing his sister's face into the carpet for no apparent reason. Later, WB followed me upstairs and ran into his napping sister's room. Napping sister ended up screaming for 15 minutes. Then he climbed up on my bed, but not before falling off the side several times. He grabbed a book by the pages and ran about with it. He refused to go down the stairs when asked. When we got back downstairs, it was only 10:00.

We went to the grocery store where he: knocked all the milk cartons in my cart over several times; he aimed for (but missed) the eggs; he poked holes in the paper plate packaging, ripped several "sale" signs off of the aisles; began to open a box of crackers; took multiple boxes and jars off of shelves or caused them to tumble to the floor; squished the dinner rolls meant for his party, then bit a hole in the packaging for said rolls; he discovered how well his shrieks would carry in the store and proceeded to let out a good one every 5 minutes or so just to be sure; he grabbed at the cake (but I managed to rescue it); and, decided not to carry the bins I was buying and nearly dropped them on me. Did I mention that he was restrained in the cart seat? BUT... the eggs made it home whole and I did actually manage to get 99% of what was on my list.

Once home, he was starving but didn't want to sit at the table. He wanted to play, but didn't want to go outside. My eldest son is out there now - teaching WB to RIDE A SCOOTER. I'm questioning the wisdom in allowing that.

It's only 1:37. Wanna bet more happens?

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