Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MIA: Updates from the Trenches

Life has a tendency to run away with me.

My aunt and uncle have been in town staying with my parents. I hadn't seen them (the aunt and uncle, lol) in about 20 years or so. We've been over as much as possible these past few days. And I have to say, my kids make me proud.

Wonder Boy is sleeping in a Big Boy Bed! No more tent! Our Fearless Leader, brave man that he is, worked for 6 hours on Sunday to recover the Lost Boys' Room. He found the massive bunk beds, the bins for toys, and various stuffed animals. He decommissioned the tent and made the lower bunk fit for a Wonder.

Wonder Boy is also sleeping sans binky! It had become nothing less than a choking hazard and could have posed as a plastic puppet (the bulb was practically severed). I told him it broke, he said, "bwoke, bye bye bee." And that was it. Blessedly anticlimactic.

The oldest of the Super Children are plugging away at their school lessons... when we manage to work on them. Discipline has been sorely lacking in our home, mostly MY discipline. Our groove of 5 years of homeschooling was a bit more interrupted than I thought. It's taking more time to get up and running.

Mominator has gone strictly vegetarian again... but that's a post for another time.

The Urchins are awake and demanding breakfast. Wish us luck on this new day.

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