Tuesday, November 20, 2007

T Minus 47.5 Hours

Thanksgiving Dinner will be served in less than 48 hours. As of right now:

  • there is a styrofoam solar system drying on my kitchen counter
  • several piles of various... stuff... lying on the same kitchen counter
  • a half-done list of chores on another counter
  • a "cleaned" bathroom that needs to be recleaned under adult supervision
  • a toddler in need of a bath
  • a baby in need of a bath
  • a semi-thawed turkey for which I can't find a container to brine it in
  • a patio that hasn't been swept in a month
  • I have a raging headache
  • the ever-growing Mount Washmore seems to be taking over the laundry room/pantry
Amazingly enough I am not stressed out. I am wondering how I will get everything done to my satisfaction, but I'm not stressed. Off to supervise bathroom cleaning yet again...

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