Thursday, April 17, 2008

You make me do EVERYTHING!

This is what my 7yo decided to whine about this evening. It was uttered with the utmost drama. Drama which was lost in the moment because I was changing out the garbage bag as he said it. The next moment was me throwing some trash in the recycle bin. The moment after that saw me moving into the living room to start putting the baby in pajamas.

Yes. That's right. You, the crabby 7yo standing idle in the kitchen, that's right. You are doing everything while I eat bon bons on the sofa.



FarmWife said...

My children will be relieved to know they are not the only slave labor around. They are so abused, they even have to let the dog out to go potty!

And don't you just love it here on the couch? Bon bons go wonderfully with Chick Flicks & sparkling water served by said child laborers. Try it!

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