Sunday, March 9, 2008

Common Sense

Last week the 7yo was at work with Our Fearless Leader. A friend in the office suggested the 7yo might want to head into the lunch room because there was cake - the friend also wisely added that the boy should check with his father to be sure he was allowed such a thing (the friend is cautious about sugar with her own offspring). Our 7yo displayed his powers of common sense with this response:

I can eat anything... except for soap.

No one was sure why he said it... and he did dutifully check with Our Fearless Leader about the cake. When we asked about his reasoning for the soap part of the answer, he just looked at us as if we had suddenly sprouted a third eye and said:

No one can eat soap. It isn't food.

Yes. Yes, of course. Common sense. And it was at this point, I think, that he began to get the impression that he knows more than his parents.


FarmWife said...

LOL!! Don't you just love those "Duh Mom!" moments?

my4kidsma said...

So does that mean things like paste, dog poop and pool chemicals are on the menu?...or not?

They aren't soap, but neither are they food. I wouldn't recommend asking him tho.

Luv ya!