Friday, April 6, 2007

Solids and Plane Figures

Today's exchanges in Toddlerese included:

"What sweetie?"
"The baby?"
"Ahhh! BAYBAY!!!" (At this point, Wonder Boy is shrieking and kicking in his carseat... rather vigorously I might add.)
"OH! You see an AIRPLANE!?"
"uh" (This is toddlerese for "yes.")

And let's not forget:

"tootootay byebye"
"Yes, the choo choo trains are all gone." (A main road leading to/from our town runs parallel to the BNSF railroad.)
"TooToo ByeBye!!!"
"Yes... the trains are gone."
"YES. The choo choos are all bye bye. They're gone, honey."
"TOO!TOO! TAY!!!...."
"Hey, you wanna get some french fries?" (This is my lame attempt at redirection while driving.)

And Mystery Baby has begun the joyous journey to Eating Solids. (shudder) This phase of babyhood has pretty much worn out its appeal. With the first two kids, we always commented on how cute they were as they spewed more cereal out than we shoveled in. With the third one, well... we were just happy if he ate anything. (#$%^$# reflux) Mystery Baby... well... she could stay on a liquid diet and that would suit me just fine... except I NEED some sleep. Maybe if we expand her dietary horizons, she will stuff herself silly and sleep. Just a little. Hey, a mommy can dream, right?

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my4kidsma said...

Cool...I didn't know you were blogging Wonder Boy!!! Awesome!

I hear ya on the solids...tough choice.