Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What Doesn't Kill Ya Makes Ya Stronger... Right?

The plague knows no bounds... and it seems to be firmly entrenched in our house. I am now running on chocolate chip cookies and 3 hours of sleep.

Mystery Baby's ears didn't quite clear up, so she is on Round 2 of antibiotics. For all those unfamiliar with Omnicef, let me just say that it's some potent stuff. She now has Chernobyl Orange diapers... and anyone who says that a nursing baby doesn't have stinky poos has never met this child. She is, after all, a Mystery.

Wonder Boy scared us to death. He just couldn't stand for Mystery to get all the germ-killing goodies I guess. He also is now sporting a double ear infection and, not to be outdone, bronchitis. Have you ever taken a two year old for a chest xray? It's not pretty. He's been on Omnicef since Monday, too, but we have yet to experience the biohazard dipes that we are sure will eventually come.

My goals for today seem monumental:
1 - Keep the littles in clean dipes.
2 - Make sure everyone eats.
3 - Time everyone's meds so as not to OD one and unmed the other.
4 - Supervise homework.
5 - Go to bed at 8:30.
6 - Avoid going postal on anyone under the age of 35 in the house.

It's number 6 that has me worried. Then again, I am assured of having plenty to confess come Saturday.

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