Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How a Couple Watches a Western

Sometimes I forget that women and men are inherently different. No, I'm not talking about parts and builds - trust me, I noticed that a long time ago. I'm referring to that whole "Venus/Mars" thing - the being from different universes at times. Pastor TD Jakes was in town once and gave a talk about how women yammer on about how many coupons they use and what colors they were, whereas men just want to know the total on the receipt. We laughed about that and have used "what color was the coupon" as a signal that we aren't on the same page in a conversation.

Now you have to understand that one of the Hallmarks of the relationship between the Fearless Leader and me is communication. We talk a lot and always have. Early in our dating, the Fearless Leader worried that he'd bored me out of another date by taking me to a local grocery store's parking lot to chat. (Little did he know at the time, I went home to Mama and gushed on about how perfect this guy was.) Sure, we have our comical, stereotypical email moments: I send an email 3 paragraphs long, riddled with questions only to receive a reply consisting of the word "no" or "yes." Instant messages are similar. Goodness... even the way we type is consistent with that pattern. But overall, we really do talk a lot, often late into the night.

That brings me to last night. We decided to throw in a movie - after searching for 15 minutes through the dvds, we settled on a Western. We couldn't remember which one we hadn't seen yet, so we tossed in The Long Riders. As soon as it was in, I knew we'd seen it - but it had been long enough that not all the parts were coming to mind before they happened. After a while, we get to a knife-fight scene - a knife-fight scene, which I remind you, we have seen before. (Here's where the difference between genders pops up.) I, still watching the fight, said to our Fearless Leader that I had signed up for a coupon service and that I'm trying to decide on how to cheaply get a few newspapers for coupons. He just looked at me and asked something about what colors the coupons were. (Yes, this time the conversation actually was about coupons! Oh, the irony!) Then I think he asked if I was kidding - this was the knife-fight scene!

The whole thing just made me laugh. I knew I'd blog about it. If anyone asks about his evening, I'm betting he says, "We watched a Western."