Monday, June 22, 2009

Fantastic Gluten Free Cookbook

I've now made several recipes from this book. It took awhile to find sorghum flour - I searched through at least six groceries stores before finding one that carried it.

In any case, I made some chocolate chocolate chip muffins that were divine. My camera card was missing in action thanks to the family ebayers, so thus far I have no pictures of them. I can tell you that the muffins had a wonderful consistency, had a moist crumb, and fantastically high crowns. I made the mistake of letting my kids try them. The remaining muffins are now hidden in a secret location requiring a password, keys and a retinal scan.

Tonight's dinner was a turkey tetrazzini (or however you spell it). I used some stunted bell peppers from my pathetic little garden, homemade gluten free bread crumbs (great way to use up those dumb little heels of gf bread) and some homemade turkey broth. Once again, the family loved it and there was much rejoicing. The adults in the household are looking forward to a lunch of leftovers tomorrow.

After the littles are in bed, I intend to attemp some cookies. I can't imagine they'll go wrong.

Happy eating!

Why I've Been MIA

In short: my love of the internet.

It's not always a healthy love, of that I am sure. Too much time surfing and too little time thinking and living makes for a cranky pair of Shoes.

The remedy: more living, more blogging (which means more living... because what else is there to blog about?), more doing, more reading, more baking, more cooking, more... more... MORE!